понедельник, 17 сентября 2018 г.

The importance of the Gallery page of Chemcraft website

  Several times some people wrote to me that they had been using Chemcraft during several years, and only after that they found some Chemcraft features which were useful for them, and it is a pity that they were not aware of these features during these years. To check how widespread such situation is, I created a poll in the Chemcraft facebook group:

  As you can see from this screenshot, 6 of 11 people voted that they looked through the Gallery and Hints webpage and after that they indeed found some features useful for them. Among others, 4 people were already aware of almost all features so they didn’t need to look through the Gallery.
  This poll illustrates that many Chemcraft users make a common mistake – they don’t look through our gallery and don’t know about some good features.
  So, if you have purchased Chemcraft or plan to do that, we highly recommend you to look through our gallery. Once again, visit the following two webpages:

  One more advice is to simply read the names of all menu items (including submenus) of the Chemcraft main window. These menu items have long and descriptive names, e.g. “Insert dummy atom into center of selected atoms”, “Move coordinate center to selected atom”, “Release all current captions to supplement the captions with new ones”, “Calculate the energy of e reaction”, “Modify multiply Gaussian input files”, “Build animated gif from a set of bitmap/jpeg files”, etc.